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Digital Publishing News


Digital Publishing News on iPhone aims to engage publishers and other news industry professionals including clients and partners, reaching out to anyone interested in trends in publishing and news management, particularly in the Middle East.The App features:- LiveBridge, built on Rewardisement(TM) technology*- Follow your favourite writers to easily browse their newest content- Follow specific subject matters- Follow news about geographic areas like cities or countries- Interactively browse the news through an overlay map showing news locations around the world- Listen to the news read to you through a special text-to-voice feature- Share your articles on Facebook, Twitter or by e-mail- Media industry news & event information - Hand-picked relevant editorial from partner publishers - A dedicated channel on mobile industry trends - Reports about Newsroom design and innovations
* LiveBridge bridges the paper-digital divide by allowing users to scan the newspaper and be rewarded for engaging with additional rich media digital content such as video, games, picture survey and social interaction.